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About Us.

Founded on the principals of transparency, ingenuity, trust, and success, Excelsius Capital Group focuses on bringing our clients the absolute highest level of financial services available to date. Our first responsibility is to provide a safe and secure network to allow our clients to diversify their vast portfolio into various vehicles designed to help our clients keep their wealth safe and profitable in an ever-changing market.

Our services include:
Global Currency Exchange
Ledger and Off Ledger Micro Cap, Small-Mid Cap, and Large Cap PPP Trade
Credit Line Monetization PPP Trade
Asset Monetization and Trade (MTN, SBLC, BG, IBOE, CD, Precious Stones & Metals, and Inground Assets)
BTC Leveraging and Trading
And much more!

Excelsius Capital Group is also heavily involved in the development of humanitarian projects throughout the world. We help our clients by providing legitimate projects, everything from religious organizations to smart cities, designed to help the world become a better place and provide oversite to how our clients funds are utilized in these projects.

Private Placement Programs are by invitational only.

Our Focus


The ever changing world of finance is a daunting arena of complexities. We bring our clients peace of mind in knowing that our decades of experience allows them to relax and earn unsurpassed profits.


Once a client has qualified for our services, their needs become our guiding focus. We at Excelsius Capital Group work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the absolute best service available in the financial world.


Excelsius Capital Group takes great care in accepting a new client. Once you’re with us, you’re part of the family. We believe in following the highest standard of honesty and integrity, virtues that find themselves in every facet of our company. We earn our clients trust by proving success.


Through careful examination of our clients goals and objectives, Excelsius Capital Group utilizes our experience and vast network to enhance our clients net worth in a manner that puts Excelsius Capital Group far beyond the rest.

Why Excelsius Capital Group?

The Highest Level Of Success

Excelsius Capital Group puts our clients first. When a client qualifies for our services they have already proven they are far superior to the average client, and deserve a firm that is the best of the best. Excelsius Capital Group brings some of the worlds most powerful players in the financial market to the table and allows our clients to benefit from the relationships Excelsius Capital Group has made over decades of proving our integrity, honesty, and trust to the controlling parties of the financial world.

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About ECG

Financial Alchemy at its finest, Excelsius Capital Group provides our clients with unsurpassed assistance

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